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Whether you are breeding for a Champion trail or rail walking horse, breeding a Champion is a challenge and succeeding is to be greatly admired. We hope our Tennessee Walking Horse stallions are part of your plans and dreams in your quest to breed your special mare to foal your Champion walking horse.  We are a Kentucky Tennessee Walking Horse breeding farm standing nominated Kentucky Walking Horse Breeders Incentive Fund (KWHBIF) stallions.  Please come and view our stallions, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us here at Knob Creek Stud.

-Arlene Gray, Owner & Manager




Congratulations to Terry Doyle on his purchase of Moonstruck Touch, shown at left.  Mr. Doyle is a long time showman and Moonstruck touch did not disappoint… she started winning ribbons right away.




9/20/16  Hoorah!  Finally, The Kentucky Midsummer Stallion Guide 2016 is ready. Click the button below to view.

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6/15/16  Finally!  Another jacket has been added to the show clothes for sale.  Take a look!  Click the button below or go to the For Consideration page and click the button there.

1.IMG_1551 A


Go click on the new button below to see added new/old pre-owed show clothes.

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1/26/2016 FINALLY, I believe that I have all of the show records updated, check back in about a week to see if your records agree!  Also, Miss Ruby Wilson won WHOA High Point award for 4 and Under All Day Pleasure Amateur and 2d NWHA 4 and Under All Day Pleasure.  Fatal’s Dark Touch won WHOA Open Walking Weanling High Point.  Copper’s Morning Glory won NWHA Trail Pleasure Western Open Amateur, 3d in Trail Pleasure English, and 3d in Trail Pleasure Youth!  That’s all I know so far.  Great year.


1/14/2016 SHOW SEASON AND BREEDING SEASON IS UPON US!  Knob Creek Stud has added PayPal access to All Stud Fees, Collection and Associated Fees; as well as, to the “For Consideration” page for one of a kind used show attire.  Pay with credit card, debt card  or any of the payment options offered by PayPal and book the stallion of your choice or purchase a one of a kind show jacket or other attire.  Your payment and personal information are secure using PayPal!  Remember to check out the used show attire from time to time if you do not see something that catches your eye because additional items that will be added.


10/21/2015 Knob Creek Stud will have used show clothing for sale from time to time.  Click on the read more for more pictures of the jacket, size, and price.


Standing right side Cropped 


BEAUTIFUL and affordable!
Used Show Jacket like new with extra bling!

Pre-Owned Show Attire


July 2015





Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.50.19 PM
Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.50.19 PM

Congratulations to Tiffany Crawhorn on her purchase of Easy Dealer and Easy Dollar, pictured above.  Gen’s Nothin To It’s first colts could not have gone to a better person.  Congrats!!!

3/14/2015  Selfwinding Touch is at it again!!!  He was awarded 3d place Combined 4 and Under Country Pleasure High Point Champion at the SCKWHA banquet!  Yeah!!!!  Not bad for an Amateur horse in with the Open trainer classes!!!

2/14/2015 Kudos for Selfwinding Touch!!!  He garnered the Reserve High Point Champion Award at the WHOA Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund for 2&3 Year Old Amateur Country Pleasure horses!!!!  Yeah!!!

2/1/2015  Why is our name “Knob Creek Stud”?  Well “the” Knob Creek is the creek that runs through our farm:  “My earliest recollection is of the Knob Creek place.” So wrote Abraham Lincoln on June 4, 1860, to Samuel Haycraft of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Haycraft had invited the future President to visit his childhood home in Kentucky. The Lincoln family lived on 30 acres of the 228 acre Knob Creek Farm from the time Abraham was two and a half until he was almost eight years old. Here he learned to talk and soon grew big enough to run errands, such as carrying water and gathering wood for the fires. Abraham recalled in later years numerous memories of his childhood here; a stone house he had passed while taking corn to Hodgen’s Mill; a certain big tree that had attracted his boyish fancy; the old homestead; the clear stream where he fished, and the surrounding hills where he picked berries were all impressed on his mind.  In addition,  the Stud in our name is defined as stud farm or stud in animal husbandry and is an establishment for selective breeding of livestock. The word “stud” comes from the Old English stod meaning “herd of horses, place where horses are kept for breeding”.  Historically, documentation of the breedings that occur on a stud farm leads to the development of a stud book. Male animals made available for breeding to outside female animals are said to be “standing at stud”, or at “stud service”, referencing the relatively high probability that they are kept at a stud farm.

1/15/15  I have received a picture of Lady Lee the dam of Ebony’s Masterpiece.  It is not a great picture; but, it is a picture.  Go to the Reference Sires and Dams page to see it.   If you have a picture of one of the horses listed that does not have a photo, please share!!!   I believe someone should have a picture of some of the horses that have NO photo because they have show records.  The mare photos are the most difficult to find.  Again, if you have a photo please share!

1/9/15  All of the show records have been updated for 2014!!!  Hope I didn’t miss anyone!!!!  Way to go Selfwinding Touch by BeTouched out of Pride Alise.  You found yourself at the end of show season and walked up 2 firsts and 2 seconds in the Amateur Country Pleasure Class.  Jose With a Twist and Copper’s Morning Glory, both out of Favorite’s Blaze of Glory, you  all were smokin’ all year long!!!  Keep walkin’!!!   The Lady Chablis out of Favorite’s Blaze of Glory is going to have to get busy to catch up to her brother and sister.  Show more girl!!!   My My’s Shadow Hunter, by Shadow Hunter 88 showed he


Jose With A Twist2_sm

Jose With a Twist


Selfwinding Touch


Copper’s Morning Glory

still is beautiful and sassy in the Brownsville KY Model Class!  Miss Ruby Wilson out of Stormy Debutante is also going to have to get busy in the show ring with more than one show to make with her brother, BeTouched. proud.  Armed by Touch, by BeTouched and Easy Dealer by Gen’s Nothin To It out of Pusher’s Moonstruck struck beautiful poses all year in the Yearling In-hand class and won lots of ribbons!!!


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